Minimal running footwear: Reid Douglas

Best Award 2013: finalist. Dyson Awards 2013: Bronze.
Through personal testing and reflection this project critically investigates the claims of the barefoot running movement. A minimal footwear concept has been developed, that allows for maximum ground feel and encourages mid to forefoot strike technique, while providing adaptable, lightweight support through a strapping harness.

Social innovation is becoming an increasingly integral component of sustainable business (Spangenberg, 2010): ‘Products are to be ‘fertile’, having development and adaptation potentials, involv[ing] consumers in designing the final shape and function.’ A product should possess ‘buy in’
qualities, empowering the user to define a product according to their specific needs. The ecosystem of products proposed in this footwear concept aims
to establish a lasting business customer relationship. The replaceable, repairable parts encourage a user to ‘maintain’ this product.

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