Post Study – Where to?

What is the benefit of doing Postgraduate studies?

Because New Zealand is relatively small, those who graduate from product design after three years are typically ‘generalists’ with a good foundation of design skills that can be applied in a variety of situations. Continuing to study at postgraduate level allows you to focus in greater depths on an area of personal interest.

Importantly, most postgraduate programmes are research degrees, requiring students to be more independent. This helps consolidate what you have learnt in your undergraduate degree as well as build your personal confidence. We recommend postgraduate study to all students.

What do I need to study at postgraduate level in product design?

Students who have completed an undergraduate course within the faculty of Design and Creative Technologies can study at postgraduate level in product design. Exceptions can be made to other students wanting to study at postgraduate level in product design. Many students  come from other schools, departments and disciplines to complete their postgraduate studies in product design. Consequently, research projects are often collaborative and interdisciplinary include medical products, services and systems. Students are expected to have at least a B grade average at level 7, or equivalent.

How do I apply for postgraduate studies?
Students are expected to complete a PGR1 form, essentially a detailed research proposal outlining their plan for their postgraduate studies. It is suggested to contact a postgraduate advisor to discuss your interest in studying, this will enable you to understand what is exactly required in your PGR1 form. Otherwise for current AUT design students, discuss this with your lecturers.
What papers do I take?
For honours level, students take three level 8 papers. Research Methodology (15 points), Studio Theory (15 points) and Dissertation (90 points). Both smaller papers build into the dissertation submitted at the end of the year, as a practice based research project portfolio.

What kind of job could I get?

Product design students are taught a transferable set of skills that can be applied to a range of jobs. Such include, Product Designers, Manufacturers, CAD Technicians, Graphic Designers, Design Strategist, Design Consultant, Freelance Designer, Service Designer, User Experience (UX) Designer, App Designer, Design Teachers, Product Developers, Product Engineers and many more. Check out our graduate profiles to see where some of our students are working.

Where could I work after completing my product design degree?

As a designer, you have the potential to work for large companies, to small companies. Depending on your ambitions, you also have the potential start your own design company. Many product design students choose to do freelance work, which involved working with different companies on select projects. This helps graduates build a portfolio of credible projects and connections.


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