Sensa knee brace: Josh Munn

Best Awards 2013: finalist. Object Design AGOYTA: 2nd prize.
A common isolated sporting injury is the tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) within the knee joint. The combination of full leg extension and rotational movement puts excessive force on this ligament causing it to tear. This injury is particularly common in New Zealand sports such as rugby union and netball which involve sharp side-to side movements and rapid deceleration. While a high number of professional players sustain ACL injuries, it is also very common among casual and recreational athletes.

SENSA knee support focuses on accelerating and enhancing proprioceptive recovery. Flexible tubing within the knee support inflates to give a patient support, rigidity and protection when needed. A small portable air-pump provides convenience and ease of adjustability. High air-pressure provides maximum support and limits movement of the knee immediately after surgery. As the patient begins to recover, less rigidity is required and therefore air-pressure can be lowered. To enhance a patient’s proprioceptive ability, air-pressure is also utilised to heighten the sensation of skin on the area surrounding the knee. Skin sensation increases a patient’s mental and physical awareness and provides a constant reminder of the targeted injury.

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