K1 Breathing Apparatus: Ian Milligan

Current BA designs have limitations including the potential for users running out of air within a structure fire due to poor air management, fatigue due to weight and overall ease of use. The recent addition of monitoring devices and alarms has overcomplicated the design and unintentionally distracts the users
focus. There is no other form of indicating air levels other than an air pressure gauge which is difficult to read in firefighting conditions. The opportunity exists to improve the safety and efficiency of breathing apparatus for NZFS firefighters, who need an air management system and harness that is intuitive and adaptive. Currently, deploying the apparatus and monitoring air supply is intrusive and time consuming.

The K1 Breathing Apparatus is a high performance, lightweight harness and air management system that is rapid to deploy, thanks to a distinctive “one pull” adjustment system, allowing the harness to adapt to any user while maintaining correct weight distribution and ergonomic comfort. The air management design consists of corresponding air monitoring lights on the carbon fibre back plate and air gauge. The lights colour intuitively indicates to both the wearer and surrounding firefighters how much air remains in their
cylinder without becoming a distraction.


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