What is Product Design?

Product Design is an exciting and rapidly evolving profession. No longer is this discipline solely concerned with the design of manufactured goods, having evolved to focus on the design of innovative products and services that stand to benefit individuals and society as a whole.

At AUT University, a great product is defined as the result of a design process that explores, challenges and responds creatively to an identified problem. Traditional product design sees the creation of tangible, 3-dimensional manufacturable objects such as consumer products, furniture, packaging, sports and medical equipment and devices. But product design now extends to include the design of product interfaces and product-related systems and services. Many products are solutions to real world problems.

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FAQ Sections

Applying – How?

Check out this FAQ for information about what to do if you are interested in applying for the programme, what to include in your portfolio, cover letter and more.

The Programme – What?

Check out this FAQ for information about what happens in product design, the papers, the skills, the design process, and who you can collaborate with.

Post Study – Where to?

Check out this FAQ for information about your options once completing the programme for work and postgraduate study opportunities.

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