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Refugee-made Backpacks Make an Important Statement

One of design’s most important roles lies in responding to our ever-developing social, political, and cultural climate. BAG2WORK is a design project that seeks to address some of the issues emerging around the ongoing refugee crisis as well as communicating an important message: “If we want newcomers to integrate, we have to get them back to work.”


The BAG2WORK backpack designed by a Dutch duo known as the “No Mad Makers”, not only uses waste materials from refugee life boats and life vests but also makes refugees central to the production process. The design can be quickly assembled with a rivet gun.


The design duo hope to launch the project through a kickstarter campaign to fund a production facility in Amsterdam where refugees would be employed to make the bags. Their hope for the project is that “It could give the refugees some autonomy back, it would give the discarded boats and life vests from Greek beaches a worthy second life. And it would give you the opportunity to carry a positive story about the refugee crisis with you, wherever you go.”


Check out the full dezeen article here.

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