Industrial Design and Innovation

Surrender Your Smartphone to Turn on the Light

502693_33852_54407_vh0u6b53uWe all know how much of a distraction our smartphones can be with push notifications and incoming calls and messages demanding our attention at all hours of the day. The compulsion to constantly check a smartphone screen can pose a real barrier to hunkering down to get work done. Wellington designers Avid Kadam, Ruya Akyol, Jules McGannon, and Yong-Ming Wang developed an elegant solution to this problem, designing the “Tranquillo” lamp that only turns on when you surrender your smart phone and set it to ‘do not disturb’ mode.502696_33852_54407_xcpmcvq7j

With the design still in the concept stage, there remain a number of technical issues to be resolved before Tranquillo is fully functional. While the lamp is intended to work as a wireless charging dock, there are challenges to achieving this functionality, particularly for compatibility with iPhones which still require special cases to allow wireless charging. 502695_33852_54407_sadosjifz

For an in depth discussion of the process behind the design and the challenges it faces moving forward, click here.

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