Industrial Design and Innovation

New 3D Printing Pen Draws in Wood, Bronze, and Copper

3doodler-pro-3d-printing-pen-design-technology_dezeen_2364_col_6Check out the newest 3Doodler pen from Wobbleworks with the capability to print in nylon and polycarbonate as well as plastic-based composites of wood, bronze, and copper. 3doodler-pro-3d-printing-pen-design-technology_dezeen_2364_col_2These composites contain a high percentage of the real material and open up opportunities for architects and designers to use the tool for prototyping.3doodler-pro-3d-printing-pen-design-technology_dezeen_2364_col_7

Click here to find out more about the design of the new 3Doodler pen and its potential to change the way we think and prototype.


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