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Best Awards Finalist: Charlotte Dickson

Charlotte_Dickson_Best_Awards_1Charlotte Dickson‘s Product Design Honours project, “Lin Breaks Her Arm” is among the Best Awards finalist entries in the new public good category. The design consists of a set of interactive picture books about a girl named Lin and her experiences of visiting the Outpatient’s Department at Starship Children’s Hospital after breaking her arm.


The five stages of Lin’s treatment are explained in five short modules representing different stages of the hospital visit. Lin’s story aims to relieve children’s fears about visiting hospital and engage them in their treatment by giving them honest information in a fun and friendly format.


The story on the page is tied to the real experience of an outpatient visit, through interactive elements that also help to build a positive relationship with hospital staff. Staff help children to stamp the last page of each module as they complete the relevant stage of treatment. The illustrations include elements for children to colour in, helping to combat the boredom of the hospital waiting room, while allowing them to make the book their own.


This post concludes our feature on this year’s Best Awards finalists, so once again a huge congratulations to all our successful student entrants! With a little bit of luck we hope to announce some winners following the final round of judging later this month.


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