Industrial Design and Innovation

Tips for Charging as a Freelance Designer

If you’ve ever given freelance design work a go, chances are you’ve been stumped by the question “how much do you charge?” Particularly as a design student or graduate, it can be tricky to figure out just how much your work is worth, and to calculate an hourly rate that will get you the job without underselling your skills. Core77 recently posted a Q&A on the subject featuring advice like: “Keep in mind, tax rates are higher [for a freelancer], you have to pay your own insurance, you can’t bill for time spent on the phone with the client or meetings… I would highly recommend starting much higher than you think you should.” While the variables that go into calculating your hourly rate make it more of an art than a science, the tips you’ll find here will set you on the right track for your next freelance opportunity.



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