Industrial Design and Innovation

Design vs Engineering

As design students, still learning our craft, we seldom get the opportunity to see our ideas taken through to implementation. As such, it can be difficult for us to fully understand the close relationship between engineering and design, and the need for engineers and designers to collaborate to produce achievable and successful products.

This article discusses the importance of integrating design and engineering, arguing that “When design is seen as a satellite that orbits engineering, it usually comes crashing back to earth.” The article talks about the importance of designers understanding the technologies they are designing for and have a strong awareness of what is actually possible. This is something that even as students we can all make an effort to do in our work. Above all, the article emphasises that design should be a conversation between all parties involved, with designers seeking feedback early and consistently throughout the process. “Being a great designer requires you to be empathetic, not only to users or clients, but to your engineers as well. It’s about involving them in the design process, and understanding the technology that enables your design. It’ll make you a stronger designer, and result in a better product in the long term.”

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