Industrial Design and Innovation

Precious Plastic: Open Source Plastic Recycling

Designer Dave Hakkens has developed a set of four open source machines that can be used to recycle everyday plastic waste to produce new plastic goods. Inspired by the wide availability of plastic waste and inaccessibility of plastic manufacturing tools, Hakkens has worked to create simple machines that can be made, repaired, and customised by people all over the world.

Through users can access the plans to build an extruder, shredder, compressor, and injection moulder as well as video tutorials to help with getting started. Each design is modular and composed of pieces that are readily available, removing the barrier for people interested in working with plastics.


With these designs, Hakkens hopes to transform plastic recycling from a passive, low-engagement, and often ineffective practice to a process that enables people to create new things and even start their own production lines.


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