Industrial Design and Innovation

Event: AUT Kickstart Weekend 11-13 September (this weekend)

In association with Hewlett Packard, the AUT Kickstart weekend is a 54-hour event that provides an entrepreneurial experience for students. The event begins Friday night with idea pitches and continues through brainstorming, business plan development and prototype creation. The weekend culminates in Sunday night demos and presentations in front of some very cool judges.

More details online at

Start Date/Time: Friday 11 September 2015, 5.30pm

Finish Date/Time: Sunday 13 September, 9.00pm

 Location:  AUT South Campus, 640 Great South Road, Manukau

 Cost: Your first entrepreneurial challenge is to raise your $39 entry fee. In exchange for this opening investment you get:

        • a weekend of in depth entrepreneurial learning, to team up with others with complimentary skill sets;
        • 2 breakfasts;
        • 2 lunches;
        • 3 dinners;
        • and potentially come out with the starting of your 1st billion dollar business.

Mentors: Check out the growing list of very cool mentors and speakers who are coming on campus to work with you and your team.

Face Time: The top 4 teams from the weekend event will get face time with someone so top secret that I can’t even mention their name, but I’m sure your friends will be envious: a co-founder of a reasonably large computer company founded in 1976.

Carpooling: Getting to and from the AUT South campus can be a challenge – especially without the shuttle running on Saturday and Sunday – No problem we have a car!  Anyone needing or willing to offer a lift – let Lead Organiser Leanne Bint know or add your details in the comments on the AUT Facebook Kickstart Weekend page.


Q: What is the Kickstart weekend?


Q: Is it Just a boring business plan writing competition?

A: No way, you will get to create, to design, to team up, to learn from awesome mentors, enjoy the short sessions and seek out what potential customers might think you team’s great idea.

Q: Can I pitch something I’ve already started on?

A: Yes, well researched and vetted ideas are always welcome.

Q: Can I pitch two ideas?

A: No, pick your favourite.

Q: What if my idea isn’t selected?

A: Join another team – remember, it’s not about the idea – it’s about what you can learn.

Q: Can I still work on my idea if it’s not selected?

A: Yes, ONLY IF you have more than two other people on the team (so bring your friends).

More questions? Post them on #startup

Having this on your CV will look great and in addition you’ll get new knowledge, gain advice, get to build something real with people from different disciplines, get inspired, and have fun!

To register click here.

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