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Interesting: Bio-knit Recyclable Sneakers

Products that contain a large number of different materials make recycling difficult and as a result often end up in landfills. Footwear is one industry where this is often the case, with modern shoe designs using as many as 65 different materials. Once in a landfill shoes these shoes take a minimum of 5o years to decompose.


In response to this environmental challenge, designer Ammo Liao developed a “single, multi-functional material that can simultaneously display soft, flexible, and robust textures”. Liao then used this material -called “bio-knit” to produce a pair of shoes consisting of a single material.ammoliaodesignboom061The design demonstrates the potential for goods composed of a single material with benefits including: “conservation of natural resources, less solid-waste in landfills, energy savings, greenhouse/pollution reduction due to ridding of unnecessary creation processes, and drastically reducing the cost of recycling.”

To find out more click here.

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