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Interesting: Glove Allows Wearer to Carve Solid Materials With Their Fingertips


Morten Gronning, a graduate from the Royal College of Art has design a glove that allows wearers to sculpt solid materials with their fingertips. With interchangeable oscillating pads with abrasive materials mounted on the fingertips, wearers can sculpt stone or wood with the same manual dexterity that might be used to sculpt from clay.

“The movements are powered by a motor mounted on the back of the hand, connected to a gearbox closer to the fingers. A small knob on the side of the box can be turned to control the oscillation speed of the pads, which are each linked to the motor by a wire.”Happaratus_Morten-Gronning_Royal-College-Art_dezeen_468_0

To read more click here.

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