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Interesting: Are you smarter than a six-year-old?


The above puzzle “comes from a Hong Kong elementary school admission test for six-year-olds, who are required to solve it within 20 seconds. Based on the visible numbers, the students are asked to determine the number of the spot where the car is parked.”

“At first glance it might seem like logic or algebra is needed to find the right answer. But, as it turns out, the solution is much easier than it first appears. It is explained below. The trick is to flip over the page – or the computer screen – with the drawing, making it apparent that the parking spots are numbered in a sequence, from 86 to 91. The car is therefore in the second-left space, which is parking spot number 87.”

You can find the full article here.

The puzzle reinforces the important lesson that sometimes it’s easy to overthink things. The value of taking a step back from a seemingly complex problem to approach it from a different angle to find a simple solution is something that we, as designers, must learn to do.

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