Industrial Design and Innovation

Interesting: ID Students seek $20K on Kickstarter for Project, Get $300K-Plus

Take a look at this kickstarter product by Industrial Design students from Western Washington University. The kickstarter campaign initially seeking $20k received over $300k showing just what can be done through the power of crowd funding.

The product is a tea brewer called “Imbue”. “The container is constructed from shatter resistant borosilicate glass that works as an effective insulator, keeping your beverage hot and your hand cool. The lid is made from bamboo, a sustainable hard wood used in many household products because of its strength and flexibility. The lid has a powerful neodymium magnetic ring embedded in it to attract the stainless steel filter that holds the tea and is covered by a permanent food safe silicon gasket that is leak proof. This feature makes the interface between the Imbue lid, filter, and draining dish effortless. The removable sleeve is made from a natural insulated fabric with a no slip suede interior lining for maximum grip.”

Check out the core77 article about the product and the kickstarter campaign.

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