Industrial Design and Innovation

Interesting: Sketching and the Industrial Design Process

“Drawing is not about representation but about thinking. Trying to understand what you’re looking at … The brain sends a signal to the hand and the hand sends one back and there is an endless conversation between them.” – Milton Glaser

This article talks about the importance of sketching within the design process for generating unexpected ideas. Sketching is something that designers increasingly lose sight of as they become more reliant on digital technologies. The article discusses how sketching that demonstrates thinking and iteration is just as important as showing polished results in applying for jobs.

“Students trying to enter the profession seem… to be increasingly focused on getting that one idea they have in their head into a tight 2D Photoshop or 3D CAD rendering, as if this is what an Industrial Designer is supposed to do… that often there’s minimal exploration, little or no opportunity for “happy accidents” and almost no appreciation for what can be learned along the iterative path from the original spark of an idea to that highly desirable glossy presentation rendering.”

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