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Interesting: Designing Thoughtful Experiences

UX magazine recently posted this article discussing the role of thoughtfulness in designing ‘amazing’ (as opposed to simply ‘good’) user experiences. While the article focusses on UX design in relation to user interface, the tips and tools for using thoughtful, experience focused design processes are equally applicable to industrial/product design.

“good design disappears because it’s not in the way… amazing design also disappears but peeks out every now and then to make someone smile.”

The article advocates the role of empathy for the user, and the power that it has to create meaningful change in people’s lives. It offers a number of useful tips on how to instil thoughtfulness in your design process.

“Being thoughtful requires building real empathy with users and keeping the user’s emotional state in mind throughout the entire design process.”

“Small but thoughtful details have a ton of power to motivate people, change behavior and turn an otherwise painful experience into an enjoyable one.”

“Personality shows that an actual human was part of the design process. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of fun to your project.”

Check out the full article for more.

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