Industrial Design and Innovation

IDEO Refugee Education Challenge

If you’re interested in how design can contribute to the greater social good, check out the IDEO Refugee Education Challenge. The challenge poses the question “how might we improve learning and expand education opportunities for refugees around the world? and asks participants to contribute design ideas and solutions that could be used to help refugees access quality education and learn valuable skills.

11116193944_683835c57b_k “Over 50 million people globally have been forced to flee their homes — leaving behind their schools, jobs and communities. Men, women and children must start again, either in new regions of their home countries or in host countries around the world. Amid uncertainty about the future, one thing is for sure: refugees need skills and information to help them adjust to their new circumstances, integrate into communities and thrive.”

From an earlier research phase five key areas for design opportunities have been identified:

  • Supporting Teachers and Learning
  • Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship
  • Informal Knowledge Exchange
  • Overcoming Trauma
  • Transforming School Environments

M17-1506_C0000_00003Shortlisted ideas will have the opportunity to attend a design support bootcamp hosted by designers. A handful of these ideas will be selected to receive a share of $500,000 in funding and design support. This is a great opportunity to get involved with design that can make a difference and engage with a global design community. Check out the rest of the information here to get involved!

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