Industrial Design and Innovation

Fold Project: A Fold Up Eating Set

First year lecturer Oscar Fernandez has spent the last two years working on designing a collapsible, reusable eating set to rival traditional camping and picnic gear. Comprised of a simple bowl, cup, fork and spoon, the set is kiwi-made, dishwashable, food safe and fully recyclable. It packs down to about the size of an A4 sheet of paper.


Oscar has been seeking crowdfunding to raise money to build on the range with other eco-friendly, fold-up products. Foldproject has already raised over $1000 USD in sales, but has less than 5 days to raise the same again in order to put collapsible takeaway containers and and chairs into production.

The ‘Earlybird’ Eating Sets are still available at $20 USD (approximately $27 NZD) with free shipping in Australia, New Zealand and the US. There are 14 left. After that, there are singles and packs available.

Take a look at the crowdfunding page here to help Oscar with his dream and put New Zealand product design on the map. You can also support the project on facebook, instagram, twitter, and google plus.

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