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Idealog: Featuring 2014 Graduate Amanda Walker

2014 graduate Amanda Walker has just been featured in the most recent issue of Idealog magazine. The article talks about her third year project which focussed on preventing Kauri dieback disease through the design of an improved boot cleaning station for bushwalkers.

Amanda’s design, which “resembles a treadmill, so walkers can step on it, clean each boot and keep walking in one fluid motion,” was awarded a $5000 grant as a runner up in the WWF New Zealand Conservation Innovation Awards. The success of the design grew out of key insights that Amanda uncovered through her application of the design process. “People found the current stations too time consuming. So they’d do a quick scrub, but they might not spray their boots or they’d spray them but not scrub them, when both those steps are needed to make the process work.”

Through simple innovations (including a handrail to offer users stability, and a pull lever that sprays boots with disinfectant at the same time as users are scrubbing them on the bristled area) Amanda was able to offer a valuable contribution to the fight against a disease that threatens thousands of our native trees.

To read the full article pick up a copy of Idealog magazine or read it online here.

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