Industrial Design and Innovation

Student Feature: Jessica Quinn

Jessica Quinn, one of our fellow Art and Design Postgraduate Honours student from this year has been named a finalist in the 2014 Attitude Youth Awards.

These awards are given to anyone between the ages of 15-25 with a disability who has made a significant contribution to society.

At the age of nine, doctors discovered a tumour on Jessica’s thigh bone, resulting in the removal of her thigh bone and knee joint, transporting her lower leg to hip level rotated 180 degrees. Ever since, Jessica has required a prosthetic.

“As a prosthetic wearer, Jess firmly believes that people should be able to have a prosthetic that is not only functional as a medical device, but also fashionable as an accessory that looks great and allows the person wearing it a sense of pride and she’s going to change that.”

As her honours project, Jessica has used her experience and expertise to design an amazing collection of interchangeable 3D printed prosthetic legs as fashion accessories. Check out the video below to find out more about Jessica’s experience and passion.

It is always great to see students using their experience and expertise to give back and help others in similar situations, keep up the great work. Make sure you watch this space to see what Jessica is up to next!

Also, make sure to follow the link by clicking here to support Jessica by voting for her in the Attitude Youth Awards!

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