Industrial Design and Innovation

Manufacturing Visit: Fisher and Paykel Healthcare

Today a small group of second year product design students were lucky enough to visit Fisher and Paykel Healthcare for an introduction to what they do presented by Product Development Engineer Ryan Graham, as well as a private tour around the factory from Iain Bradbury (Materials and Store Manager) and Chris Hunkin (Quality Systems Engineer Manager – Manufacturing).

During the introduction students experienced the CPAP mask, designed for people with sleep apnea. They also competed in a time challenge of assembling and disassembly an injection moulding 6 piece tool. They learnt all about how design work and testing takes place with all the amazing facilities and tools available to product developers.


Touring the factory, students had to gown up with hair nets, hoodies, and coats to be as clean as possible. They were able to see products evolve from raw material through a range of different machines and processes to produce the final product packaged and ready to send away. Students were able to get up close and witness these processes as well as see the range of tests products have to undergo and pass before reaching the end.

A huge thank you to our presenter and tour guides and especially Mandy McAlwee for taking the time out of your day and  putting together this tour.

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