Industrial Design and Innovation

Interesting: Ex-RISD President John Maeda: “Money Is Quite Useful, Actually”

Very interesting article from John Maeda explaining how money provides room to experience and explore, “Quite useful actually”

Maeda discussed the way design’s role in business has changed over recent years. “Design is something you usually add at the very end,” he noted. “You put the lipstick on the proverbial pig.” The reason, typically, is that “design is very costly. But as more and more companies are discovering, you put design in from the beginning, you get a better product. The problem is, it costs more to put design in the whole process. But the fact is, it’s moving from being costly to being worth the cost.”

“For designers who are eager to reinvent themselves,” he said, “this is the best time. But you have to get out of this short-run point of view. You have to think about large, messy systems.”


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