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Idealog Live: Featuring Nick Hayes

At the first Idealog Live event held here in Auckland, or very own graduate Nick Hayes, now working in the Design and Health Wellbeing Lab presented his Masters project, George.

This was the first event in the series of “The Pitch Circus.”

Nick was of one three young entrepreneurs selected to present his business idea, with 3 minutes and 33 seconds to explain what his idea was, what the problem was he was addressing, who the idea would benefit and how big it could get.

Nick’s idea, George, is your public transport companion that puts an entire network at your fingertips. George makes getting around Auckland on public transport easy by providing you with the right information at the right time specific to your needs.

After the presentations, the audience is invited to vote for the idea they think is the best through a special app on their smartphones created by Idealog for the event. The entrepreneur with the highest percentage of votes by the end is the winner.

Nick finished close in second with 68%, after Curate with 69%. This was an awesome opportunity to gain exposure for an idea created as a student in university. We are extremely proud of Nick for putting himself out their, presenting to all these people. Even though he may not have come first, Nick has gained a lot of well deserved exposure for his idea, growing his network to help progress his idea. Keep up the good work!


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