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IDEO: Next generation HCD Connect, Design Kit

IDEO has released their next generation of HCD Connect, called Design Kit.

This free kit is a full set of design tools, methods and cases studies to support and increase the level of human-centered design internationally.

It explains the mindset of designers, and the philosophy required to design with a human-centered approach through a set of interviews with Tim Brown, Krista Donaldson, David Kelley, Emi Kolawole, Patrice Martin, John Bielenberg and Gaby Brink. All of these great people hold a wealth of knowledge and experience, all either founders, CEOs, Creative Directors and editors of large organisations.

It explains a range of different methods that could be used to find inspiration, to ideate and implement designs. Breaking each method down into an understandable process to follow. Alongside their methods they provide answers to a range of questions to support you while conducting your project.

It also presents a few key examples of case studies, illustrating human centered design.

This is a great resource to have to help you design. Download the free guide by clicking here, otherwise printed copies can be purchased.

The Design Kit also provides a wealth of other resources for designers (and non designers) to learn from other organisations, their take on Human Centered Design and Design thinking.

Make sure to bookmark this website.

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