Industrial Design and Innovation

Digital Nationz Internship

Are you keen for endless hours of monotony, copying pointless documents for some dude in a suit who refers to you as “that coffee kid” and reeks of Old Spice and stale cigars?

Then this definitely isn’t for you.

We are looking for someone who wants an internship at DNZ to help us with marketing support, ideally you’d be a bit of an “all arounder” skill-wise and have decent organisational and communication skills.

Specific Skills needed:

– That InDesign program seems pretty great,
– Photoshop (personally I don’t think you can ever “over” Photoshop an image, amma right k-dash?)
– If you can write as poorly as me, then you are in with a shot.
– An interest in tech and gaming.

Also, you must be able to answer the following sentence correctly
The best part of any Michael Bay movie is… (actually feel free to answer this one in the comments below anyway)

Time period for internship:
ASAP – Post DNZ (always some stuff to do right after the show).

The internship is unpaid, however as with last year’s interns the experience is highly likely to put you on a great path to getting a job and if you apply yourself to this opportunity you will come out of it with great references and an amazing learning experience.

And if you are crap you might end up working for Zynga so… just sayin’

IF this sounds like you or one of your mates, drop us an email on introducing yourself and expanding on the skills so we can make an informed decision on who to interview.



Digital Nationz


Definitely a great opportunity for all graduates and students.

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