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Graduate Profile: Jana Durdevic

From the first year of Product Design graduates Jana Durdevic is using her degree to inspire others. Check out what she does!

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Q: Could you briefly introduce yourself and let us know when you graduated from product design?

JD: My name is Jana Durdevic. I graduated from product design in 2010.

Q: Where are you now, and what is your favourite part of your job?

JD: After graduating from product design I decided to do a graduate diploma in Secondary Teaching. I am currently in my third year at Long Bay College teaching Design and Visual Communication and Fashion Design. I enjoy many aspects of my job. However two parts stand out. Firstly, every day is different from the last. When things keep changing it keeps my mind fresh. Also, I love how closely related my job is to design. After all, the most important thing I teach my students is in fact the design process and its importance.

Q: What was your most memorable project from your undergraduate degree and why?

JD: My most memorable project was in my final year where I closely worked with Zespri to design premium kiwifruit packaging for their Japanese market.
I have never been tech-savvy. Don’t get me wrong; I still appreciate resolved and functional designs. However, What made me buzz was the beauty of a design.
As I was designing for a company with real specifications I basically needed to “get real” and design a package that was aesthetically beautiful and functional.
Boy did I crash and burn during the concept and mock up stage. All of my sketches, ideas and inspirations did not translate into a functional working model. Ironically, after feeling like I had failed with no plan B….The best ideas came through. I learnt how to be patient and I guess also how to design. It felt awesome…. and still does to this day.

Q: What would be your one bit of advice to final year students considering what to do after university?

JD: Make sure you follow your passion/ interest, especially in your final year project. If you don’t know what to design simply sit outside in a natural setting with a piece of paper and pen and do a visual mind map…you’ll find something eventually. Trust me.

Q: Favorite designer?

JD: Come to think of it I don’t have a favourite designer. I do however really appreciate the beauty, simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design. The greatest ideas are the simplest.

Q: Philosophy on design? A short summary of what you think design is and why its important?

JD: Our world is forever changing. With design I believe that “change” could be a positive one. It’s what makes life exciting.

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