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Graduate Profile: Casey Ng

We caught up with graduate Casey Ng to see what he has been up to since graduating.

Q: Could you briefly introduce yourself and let us know when you graduated from product design?

CN: My name is Casey and I’m a Graphic and Product Design graduate from AUT. I have strong interests in packaging, streetwear and definitely sneakers. I graduated from Product Design in 2011 and after that, I’ve been working in the design industry ever since.


Q: Where are you now, and what is your favourite part of your job?

CN: I’m currently working at Ogilvy & Mather as a Graphic Designer. My favourite part of my job will definitely be seeing some of the projects that I’ve worked on out live in the world. It reminds me of all the challenges, collaborations and the journey that it took to get to the end.

Q: What has been your biggest learning experience transitioning from study to practicing design?

CN: The biggest learning experience transitioning from study to professional practice would be realising all the tools I have picked up along the way. Gaining the confidence to do so much more.

Q: What was your most memorable project from your undergraduate degree and why?

CN: The project I did that stood out the most would have to be my packaging project during my 3rd and final year, named BoxBag. A hybrid packaging design between a box and a paper bag. The project has not only given me some exposure in the online world but has provided me a strong portfolio piece.


Q: What would be your one bit of advice to final year students considering what to do after university?

CN: My sincere advice to all final year students would be treating every project like it was your job application. It may sound cheesy because many people repeat this, but that’s only because its true. Be true to your projects, because everyone’s design style is different. Be different rather than better than someone else.

Q: Favorite designer?

CN: My designer inspirations would have to be Banksy, Mondrian, Milton Glaser, Norman Foster and Errolson Hugh.

Q: Philosophy on design? A short summary of what you think design is and why its important?

CN: Design is essentially finding a way or an answer to solve the problem at hand. We designers have this important role because we have to find a way to answer or meet the objective and presenting it in a way consumers can understand and utilize. And if we can successfully do so, I believe that is good design.

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