Industrial Design and Innovation

Exhibition: Paul V. Johnston

One our Lecturers in the department, Paul Johnston, is a very talented artist with an exhibition opening next week. Make sure you get along and see is work in person!

You are invited to Glenys Brookbanks and my exhibition opening and preview at the AllPress Gallery, 8 Drake Street, Freemans Bayon April 8, 5.30pm.
This will be a big show that provides for an exciting contrast between Glenys’ abstract paintings and my objects, sculptures, and drawing media. Elizabeth Brookbanks Ltd has curated and presents this show “The Works”.
We hope you can join us as we show, give brief explanations, and celebrate the culmination of more than two years of creative endeavor.

If you cannot make it the exhibition will be on until Easter and I will be in the gallery working on new works all day on the following Friday and Monday (11th and 14th).

TheWorks exhibition invite

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