Industrial Design and Innovation

AUSTRALIAN GOOD DESIGN AWARDS – Entries close 31st March


Here is another awesome opportunity to enter your design work in an International Design Competition. The competition closes next week, so get stuck into putting your entry together!

The Good Design Australia team is committed to providing the best possible service to applicants looking to differentiate their products or services through an independent, trusted and credible awards program. Benefits of participating include:
  • A unique promotional launch pad for new products and services
  • Widespread exposure via mainstream media channels, websites, exhibitions and international trade fairs
  • Strong differentiation and market positioning as a design and innovation leader through the internationally recognised Good Design® Selection and Good Design Award® trademarks
  • A cost-effective means of attaining independent, third party endorsement of a new or existing product or service
  • International exposure through the program’s endorsement by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design(ICSID)
  • Sales enquiries and referrals through online entry profiles listed on our highly ranked website
  • Exclusive networking opportunities and exposure to a wide range of Australian and international designers and business leaders, product manufacturers and distributors, government officials, media and emerging young designers.

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