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Hack AKL: Transport


We are underway with HACK AKL (Auckland’s ‘first’ civic transport hacking event). AUT is combining its considerable reputation for design, technology, business, tourism and policy etc with Auckland Transport and Propellerhead (agency partner) as a partner in this very unique, community oriented event. This event is about getting people to come together to brain-storm, strategize and develop future solutions to transport needs (Auckland for now but with implications for all NZ). Auckland Transport will be opening up access to the huge data streams they manage so-as to allow civic-minded citizens the chance to understand and create solutions from the reservoir of information available.

This event will be a ‘live brief’ and has a huge potential to evolve into its own citizen owned project and possibly create commercial opportunities for those that are keen to really explore the project. It also has the potential for conversations of a undergraduate prospect and post graduate nature.

It is worth making the point here though that this event is NOT just for coders. This is an event that is looking for feed-in from all demographics.

This event is aimed at being culturally diverse and anyone from any any area of life, business or study can join in. Transport users, artists, designers, business strategists, developers, communicators, social philosophers – this is a place for people to network and join in the conversation about transport, Auckland, NZ and big data.  The opportunity is there for people to join a team and become part of a wider group, network and solution that really makes an impact on the traffic matrix of Auckland and New Zealand (looking further into the future).


For more information, Follow the link below:

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