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Design and Designers you should know: Braun

braunDesigners are dependent on Inspiration: things we see in nature, awesome cover art, beautiful cars, antique watches, well made furniture… an uninspired design process can be painfully slow and produce ordinary results.

One of the best ways we find inspiration is in the work of other great designers. This series of posts is dedicated to product design and designers that should be stored away in your memory. Work that is timeless…

This first post looks at the heritage of Braun and their lead designer Dieter Rams. Its clear to see how design giants such as Apple have drawn many design cues from this company’s product/appliance heritage. Take a look at the extensive core77 post on the history of this acclaimed appliance company…

And for those of you with short attention spans, here is a one-stop-shop summary the ‘10 Principles of Good design’ according to of Dieter Rams.


Finally, here is a great link with images from the Dieter Rams Design Museum.

One comment

  1. Totally agree good design last for a long time or even forever, I believe people will still be talking about I-Phone long time down the future.

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