Industrial Design and Innovation

Welcome to 2014!

Welcome back everyone!   And a special welcome to all those new new students who will be starting first year in 2014.  Great to have you all on board!

What will you achieve this year in the Department of Industrial Design and Innovation? Have you set yourselves some goals? Perhaps your name on a BEST Design Gold or what about the 2014 James Dyson award.

For the 3rd year and postgraduate students, you might be aiming build some strong industry connections in 2014. What area of design would you like to work in? Have you talked to the companys that you could see yourself working for? What kind of projects will you work on this year to direct the path ahead…

Or maybe you are set on developing your own specific product and a small business further down the track. Equally, there maybe those of you who want to grow an area of design research to follow through to Masters or Phd level…

For a small programme, we have had some great successes over the years. Its your turn to lift the standard! Whatever your hopes and goals are for 2014, get stuck in and make the most of your time in the department. Leave your mark and inspire others to do great work!

Have a quick look back through some great work and exciting moments from 2013…


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