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Oxfam Instavid Challenge


As a consumer of many of these products you have the power to nudge large food and beverage companies to do better in their business. The Oxfam on Campus Instavid Challenge is just one of the many ways you can use your voice to show that you want change.

We’d like Auckland students to create an Instagram video – an Instavid – on your smart phone about Behind the Brands. The video must be about Coke, Pepsi or Associated British Foods (ABF) and relate to a Behind the Brands theme on which the ‘Big 10’ food and beverage companies are judged in Oxfam’s scorecard, which was based on publicly available information. Participants will be invited to a gala Instavid evening and winners where there will be prizes up for grabs for the most creative and quirky entries (read the full entry details here) .

Why Behind the Brands?

Because we want to change the way the food and beverage companies that make our favourite food, do business. We know they care about what we think, and if we show them we are passionate about people and the planet, they will listen. After 18 months of detective work at Oxfam, we have revealed how the biggest food and beverages companies do business. And you know what? They could do so much better.

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