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Push print.

AUT’s 3D-Lab has been using some Makerbot 3D-Printers since late last year with great results from students who are using the technology. The opportunity arose to take these much hyped machines out and about as the printing process still seems a little shrouded in techno-wizardry to most, so why not show it off.

Off they went to Sitka in Newmarket, where the surf/clothing products began production. Wax combs were printed for people to come and swap for their old ones, along with, clothing tags, surfboard fins, fin boxes, fin keys and the slightly unrelated but equally important minion (from despicable me) found on thingiverse.<<<

(I’m resisting the urge to post even a few of the other great things I found while trawling thingiverse, it’s worth a look, and even open an account and get some work up there, why not).

Placing the machines in a retail environment was a great chance to see the potential for on-demand printing of products… maybe in the future when retail outlets run out of stock they could just print our size/colour of whatever we are after, and especially now that Makerbot has released their desktop 3D scanners to speed up the 3D modeling/CAD process, maybe this will become a part of retail shopping, who knows, these machines make it look very possible.

If you haven’t used the Makerbots in the 3D-Lab yet, have a look at some of the 2nd and 3rd year Product Design models produced just before the holidays to see what is possible and then come and chat to the guys in the 3D-Lab (WM-301) if you have any questions.

Special thanks to Andy and the team at Sitka for helping run this event, seriously rad people and shop, so go check it out!

And also thanks to Jamie at Digital Flow for putting together this great clip at late notice, totally appreciate it!

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