Industrial Design and Innovation

3D Printing at Sitka


Hey guys, as some of you will have heard, we’ve teamed up with Sitka to get our little Makerbot 3D Printers into their shop and print some products for the public to see them in action.

We’re setting up the printers in the shop window and want them printing non-stop during the day so people can see how they work and maybe even take a small printed momento away with them.
If this is something you want in on, then what we’re doing is thinking/CADing up some small products which relate to the feel of the Sitka store. There’s some more info about Sitka below, think hipster hippy theme.
The prints need to be quick, so really 20-30mins would be the absolute max. You need to time this on the Makerbots in the workshop, come have a chat to me (Mike) and I’ll help you get started!

sitkaPrints are due next Tuesday – 30th July! So the crew at Sitka can choose which ones to print on the day.

Printing in Sitka – Sat/Sun 10th and 11th August

They can be complete products by themselves but can also be attachments for other products etc so think broadly. And they should fit the theme of the store.

We’ll be down at Sitka for most of the weekend of the 3rd and 4th so even if you don’t print anything, come down for a coffee and meet Andy and the team at Sitka they’re good bunch who love supporting innovative ideas, they’re good people to know!


(About the store)
The store at 6 Osborne Street is entirely built from recycled, re-purposed and salvaged materials from a range of different sources. Upon entering the store, you are treated to an endless line of stories and history which these pieces and materials exude which makes the place so unique.
The flagship store in Auckland carries the full line of Sitka’s men’s and women’s fashion collections, Sitka accessories, a quiver of our Sitka surfboards handshaped by Jay Novak and Sitka skate decks. At the flagship store we also carry a few lines of complimentary and exclusive fashion brands to New Zealand.

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