Industrial Design and Innovation

NASA Space Apps Challenge

We have been approached by NASA to become the NZ hub for the international program “NASA Space Apps Challenge”.

It is an international competition for university students.

Though the competition will take place on 20-21 April, some problems/challenges are already published, one of which is about 3D printing…

We need to find 2-3 students from your School who may be willing to start working on this project and participate in the round on 20-21 April

Professor Sergei Gulyaev, the Director of AUTs Institute for Radio Astronomy and Space Research:

“I suggest that your students start thinking about this challenge and make some preparations.  We can meet with them and discuss it. Re the time and logistics issue.  It is the first time we (NZ) are going to participate.  We try to get as much from the website as possible, but students can also contact to students in other countries who participated in the last year event.  They may get a few useful tips and hints. Students will have 2 days to work on the tasks. Finally they will present their solution to our local judges.  It can be in the form of PPT presentation, a prototype model, website, etc.  Our panel of judges will name the winners and recommend them to NASA for the next stage (determining the global winners). We will be the first in the world to start and the first to finish.  There will be opening ceremony at WG probably at 9 am on 20 April, then student teams will go to their working places (computer lab, workshop).  They will have to present their works to the local panel at say, 6 pm on 21 April. We will decide about time with the LOC. There are some student presentations of their NASA projects on YouTube.  It gives the idea of the level of requirements”

This is an amazing opportunity to participate in a project with a global significance.

Having a NASA project in your Portfolio probably wouldn’t hurt either.


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