Industrial Design and Innovation

Visit to IDEO

The trip has started with our first visit to IDEO. Steve and I spent an hour with CEO Tim Brown talking generally about Design Thinking, in particular the role that it has in a small product/industrial design programme. Tim had lots of practical advice, and some nice tips – both strategic and down to earth. Tim has an amazing ability to bring focus and clarity around keys issues, and share years of experience. He loved his visit to NZ for the Better by Design conference. It was good to Tim talk about our approach at AUT!

We then spent a couple of hours with and old friend of mine, Chris Domina who is a partner at IDEO. Chris managed the project with Air New Zealand. The talk was much more around the day to day operation of IDEO, how the organization works, new focuses for the company and the realities of the Design industry in the US – and bay area. It was pretty insightful to see how the organization has kept developing, reinventing itself – and how it considers itself a ‘learning’ organization. Chris talked quite a lot about the diverse projects he, and his teams, are involved in. Chris is keen for a trip to NZ so we will be working on that! Be great to have in to work with some students.

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